The procedure for reviewing

  1. After receiving, all manuscripts undergo a review with respect to the compliance of the structure and content to the requirements, and political and religious ethics.
  2. After a successful completion of the initial review, manuscripts are sent for a thorough peer review to one of the members of the editorial board, which is in the course of 3 days writing a review report, evaluating manuscript according the following criterion and structure:

– the relevance of the research;

– conformity of the structure to the requirements;

– novelty and the type of manuscripts (analysis or survey);

– provide comments and improvement suggestions for a revision of manuscripts, if necessary;

– provide a decision regarding the reviewed manuscript for publication in the journal.

  1. If the editor needs an advice on specific issues addressed in manuscripts, the editor involves in the review process an external reviewer that has the expert knowledge in the research field.
  2. If the received manuscript requires a revision, the author is invited to revise it, providing a brief description of possible options.
  3. If necessary, with the consent of the author, the text undergoes stylistic and spelling editing.