Rules for materials

Requirements to structure of the scientific works directed to edition:

  1. Name of article (CAPITAL LETTERS).
  2. Information about authors: Full name, academic degree and rank, place of work (education) and post, address of organization, e-mail (obligatory).
  3. Summary (50-250 words) reflecting the main content of the conducted research and results received by the author.
  4. Keywords (not less than 5).

Information provided in paragraphs 1-4 must be in Russian and English languages

  1. Main contents of article. In the text the following structure has to be traced: introduction, results of research (can contain of subparagraphs), conclusion.
  2. Bibliography (in accord with AUSS(GOST) P 7.05-2008 in the uniform format of RSCI). The list is formed as citing works in the text of article.

Rules of registration of the scientific works directed to edition:

  1. Manuscript amount: not less than 5 pages of the A4 format.
  2. Fields: 2 cm on every side.
  3. Text of article is typed in the Word editor.
  4. Font of the main text – Times New Roman. The text is typed 14 point size, a line spacing – one-and-a-half.
  5. In tables and drawings can be used the Times New Roman font in the range of 8-14 point size, a line spacing – unary.

Caption signatures (14 point size: , usual) are given:

– under illustrations on the center after the word Fig. with serial number (14 point size, usual);

– over the table with justification to the right after the word Table with serial number (14point size, usual).

The only drawing and/or table in the text isn’t numbered.

  1. Space of the first line (paragraph) – 1,25 cm.
  2. Difficult formulas are made by means of the editor of formulas MS Equation 3.0 in WinWord. Formulas are given on the center of a column without space, their serial number is specified in parentheses and is placed on the right. The only formula in article isn’t numbered. Formulas aren’t separated from the text with an additional interval from above and from below.

 8.Square brackets are used for links to references[1].

  1. Bibliography is given in 14 point size at the end of article strictly as citing in the text.


 Graphic execution of article:

  1. Illustrations are made in a vector format in the graphic Corel Draw 11.0 editor, or in any of graphic applications of MS Office 97, 98, 2000 or 2007.
  2. Schedules, drawings and photos are inserted into the text after the first mention of them in form, convenient for the author.

Authors bear responsibility for selection and reliability of the given facts, quotes, statistical and sociological data, proper names, place names and other data.

You can download rules of registration in the PDF format here